“Jodi Ambrose re-establishes a connection between oft mystified partners by revealing emotional necessities integral to the understanding of the differing sexes. Remarkable in their accessibility, both books avoid jargon in favor of practical-living advice.  These books won’t do the work for you, but they will give you the tools to get the job done yourself.”

​Philip Rosenberg,
​Host of Sex and Politics Radio

"When it comes to starting a playful yet important conversation about sex and intimacy there's no need to go any further than books by Jodi Ambrose. Writing with both women and men in mind she covers all the bases of what it takes to develop the kind of relationship you want."

Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations LIVE, 

Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine

Happy Wife, Happy Life


Discover that this expression doesn't mean you have to give up who you are and what you want. Find out how you can both be happy.

Proud to be a sass-mouth!

Sex with the Lights on!


When she feels cherished, loved and safe, your sex life will flourish!

More Romance, Anyone?


Learn how having a happy life outside of the bedroom equals a zestier life in it.


Let's just lay the cards on the table...  

Do you want a healthier relationship?
Do you want to go golfing or watch the game without any hassle?
Do you want a life filled with love and joy on a daily basis?

Find out how to do that in Sex: How to Get More of It

Jodi's handbook is sassy, mouthy, and to-the-point, but her ultimate goal is to provide you with strategies to have a satisfying and blissful life.

​She helps you answer the big question: How can you make your woman happy and also get what you need? Believe it or not, it's not impossible! It's not even hard. And it doesn't cost more than a couple of bucks here and there--no trips to Italy or expensive jewelry required. 

In this handbook, which is intentionally short and to-the-point, you will get insight into how women think so that you can speak and behave in a way that will reignite her passion for you. ​

To help you with this Jodi came up with THE LIST which contains 20 easy things you can do to make your relationship happier, more peaceful, and full of love, romance and sex. 

Ultimately, women want to feel safe, loved, appreciated and cherished. Jodi's going to give you the tools you need to help her feel exactly that. 

Enjoy the handbook and we hope it helps bring you and your girl joy that will last a lifetime.

And ladies, while the handbook was initially intended for the guys, we know that some of you may have a man that wouldn't read a book if you threatened to set him on fire. If that's the case, you can instead read it yourself and then sneakily work an item or two from the 20 easy steps into normal conversation every couple weeks.You do what you need to do to get what you want.