Check out Jodi's new video series:

The Truth!

Jodi regularly releases videos on all kinds of topics. From bravery and being courageous, to handling insulting jerks at Starbucks, to being kind, to pitching rants, and managing all kinds of maniacal situations. 

She also answers questions from fans--some of which are just a riot! Feel free to send her any questions you may have. She loves taking questions from her readers.

Time to put your feet up, relax and prepare to laugh! Jodi is full of sass (or as her mom would say, "Piss and vinegar.")

Truth 1: Fuck 'em

Truth 2: Be Brave

Truth 3: Be Courageous

Truth 4: People are Fuckin' Hysterical

Truth 5: Shut yo' mouth! (The Starbucks Fiasco!)

Truth 6: Naughty Flirter

Truth 7: All About Dicks? What???

Truth 8: Open Your Yap (A little relationship help)

Truth 9: GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD (a rant, believe it or not...)

Truth 10: Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Truth 11: Minor Rant, but BE KIND DAMMIT!

The below video isn't in the truth series, but I think it's super important for those having serious depression or suicidal thoughts. Please take the time to give it a watch if you need a little extra help or someone you know does.



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